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Our Approach

the way we work


In our experience, each project starts from a different position.  It may be that we have been provided with a detailed brief, have an existing website to work from or are given a simple, one line project objective. Therefore, how we work with our clients varies on each project.  The below, however, is our typical approach based on a website project with no formal brief.

Stage 1 – Research, Design & Specification 

This would include researching the current website’s performance, identifying visitor profiles, agreeing site content, functionality and structure, as well as producing an agreed site map, key page wireframes and an associated design approach. Please see the Online Consultancy section for more information about this part of the process.

Stage 2 – Website Development

This would include developing the core web application including site architecture, navigation, associated Content Management System and any custom modules.  We would provide feedback to the client as this part of the project progressed.

Stage 3 – Website Population

This would include populating the site with new content and also transferring content from an existing site if available.  We would help vet content for quality and provide guidance on optimising the content for the search engines.

Stage 4 – Website Deployment

This would include website beta testing, user acceptability testing, deployment to the live server, delivering a training workshop and finally, submission to the main search engines.

Our approach requires a very close working partnership with our clients and a transparency in the way we work.

To find out more about our approach, why not contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your project.