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Web & Native Apps



The world of app development is an exciting but also confusing place. There is no right or wrong answer as to which type of app you should go for. Your choice will depend on you, your budget and your timescale.

What’s the difference between iOS and Android? What are native, hybrid and web apps? We work with our clients to identify the right solution then help build a solution that delivers your objectives.

So, what are the different options?

Native Apps – Downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, they sit within your device’s applications and you launch them by tapping their icon. They are designed and coded for a specific kind of device, so an iOS App won’t work on an Android device.  The main advantage of this type of App is that they integrate far closer with the user’s device.

Web Apps – These are infact mobile optimised websites. They load within a mobile browser, like Safari or Chrome, like any other website but are designed specifically for mobile and tablet devices. Your audience doesn’t have to install a web app and they don’t need to have space on their devices. The main advantage of this type of app is that because they work across devices using the inbuilt browser, you normally only need one version of the app developing.

How we can help

In addition to our responsive websites, we can also develop web, iOS and Android apps. This includes stand-alone solutions as well as integrated apps that link into third party applications.

We don’t just create apps that follow your requirements, we guarantee to create a unique and innovative experience that users will remember. Our interface designs are highly creative whilst also delivering the core functionality.

To find out more about our app offering, please contact us for a free no obligation meeting.