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E-Commerce & Online Shops



If you would like to sell online or have an existing shop that is simply not performing, we can help.  Our bespoke, online shops deliver an engaging purchasing environment combined with easy-to-use functionality that helps you easily manage and maintain both customer orders and stock.

A good online shop is a busy one.  We understand the importance of merchandising your products and creating new and exciting offers that keep customers coming back. As a result, we have created an online shopping environment that offers you the ability to present the right products at the right time, as well as promote them with a wide selection of offer types. 

People are used to the functionality of the large online shops like Amazon and get frustrated if their shopping experience does not match the features of these sites. The user experience of your shop is about much more than how nice it looks, it must also work seamlessly. If it is difficult for customers to find stock or the site loads slowly then they simply won’t make a purchase.

All our shops can integrate into our website, online community and e-learning solutions. The rich functionality provided by our online shops include:

  • Product Listings
  • Product Details
  • Shopping Basket
  • Checkout Page
  • Order Management
  • Shop Statistics
  • Product Category Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Discount Code Management
  • Customer Account Management

To find out more about our approach to building online shops, please explore the case studies below or contact us for a free, no obligation meeting.