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Our Technology

The tools we use


At LightMedia we develop our solutions using industry standard technology that has been tried and tested many times in the real world. This helps us ensure that the websites and applications we develop are not only robust and secure, but are easily maintained and upgraded as your business evolves.

We specialise in ASP.NET, a Microsoft web application framework which is used and trusted by many organisations from small to large enterprises. We also offer solutions for Wordpress and native mobile apps if the need arises.

Our front-end developers specialise in ensuring your website not only looks great for you, but also looks great for your clients on any of their devices. We always use HTML5 and CSS3 as the base and, project dependent, also use jQuery and JavaScript to enhance the user experience. We know that mobiles and tablets are important which is why we develop sites that work brilliantly accross any device.

We also develop our code to ensure standards, such as accessibility benchmarks, are met. We know that within sectors such as the Public sector, rules can be strict and aiming for WCAG 2.0 is not easy. Therefore we use our technology to help rather than hinder these restrictions.

At LightMedia we take advantage of our wide skill set and not only develop great websites, but we also develop and deploy secure ones. Our servers are hardened and maintained in-house and with the support of Rackspace, our hosting provider. 

We have a passion for ensuring that your site remains stable, upgradable and reliable for many years to come.