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What's New In ’22?


In the last 12 months, we have witnessed major changes in the way many associations interact with and manage their members. This has partly been driven by Covid but is also due to a change in member’s expectations. The technology has also changed, as many software vendors modify their solutions in response to new requirements. This short webinar will help you to understand what has changed in relation to Association Websites and Member Portals through exploring real World case studies and examples.

We encourage high levels of participant interaction, so the number of delegates is limited.

Who Should Attend

If you are responsible for, or contribute to, your association or society’s website, membership management or CRM strategy, then this tailor-made webinar was created for you.


On attending the workshop, we will help you understand:

  • How Covid has impacted on the way modern websites and their associated member areas work
  • What trends have developed over the last 12 months and how these are starting to impact on association and society website design and functionality
  • What practical benefits or challenges these changes will have on many associations and societies
  • How changing member expectation impacts on the administration team
  • How using real World case studies, societies and associations are responding to these new challenges


Duration 1 1/2 hours

Start time 10:00AM

Delivered via Zoom on the LightMedia website

Number of participants limited to a maximum of 12


May 25th 2022


Please visit our dedicated medical association website to book a place book now  

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