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LightMedia launch a website for Medical Society and Association offering

23 June 2016

As specialists in building highly interactive, bespoke websites for medical societies and associations, we created a website which outlines our unique offering, our clients and examples of our work within the medical sector. 

We understand that medical communities thrive by bringing like-minded people together, building knowledge and relationships and extending networks of trust. Having worked with many different associations on their outcomes data, we understand the importance of representing information accurately and promoting an association professionally and we often advise on delivering workable solutions to complex problems and work with non-technical committee members to arrive at the optimum solution. 


Optional bespoke website features include -

  • Membership Management & Automation
  • Event Management & Promotion 
  • Interactive Surgical Data & Online Charts and Reports 
  • Publication & Journal Integration 
  • Interactive Learning Content 
  • Enhanced Security and Encryption
  • Private Committee Sections
  • Site, Navigation and Content Management 
  • Electronic Voting 
  • News & Associated Archives 
  • Integrated Social Media 
  • E-Commerce
  • Virtual Museums & Collections 
  • Discussion Forums
  • Interactive Blogs 
  • Responsive Browser Technologies


Visit Medical Society Sites at