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LightMedia 2024 Master Class: Rolling Out Our Latest Range Of Webinars Offering

08 January 2024

Happy New Year ! LightMedia is rolling out our FREE 2024 webinars offering, developed specifically for associations and societies.
Using our cocreation approach, selecting a series of workshops allows you to build a masterclass collection that responds to your specific needs.
Those attending three webinars or more will receive a complimentary Masterclass certificate of attendance !

Who is this for ?

If you are responsible for, or contribute to, your Association or Society’s website, membership management or crmsoftware strategy, then these FREE mini 60 minutes webinars have been created just for you.
Do you need to increase member engagement, automate key processes like membership application and renewal, or do you need to upgrade your current website and CRM, but don’t really know where to start? If the answer is yes, then we do hope you join us !
We encourage high levels of participant interaction and discussion on these workshops, so the number of participants is limited. 

When is this happening ?

To guarantee maximum flexibility, we will run these on a regular basis throughout the year. All webinars start at 10:00AM, UK time, and are delivered via Zoom.
Our webinars cover key areas such as revenue generation, members engagement, security and also what new technology and ways of working are emerging in 2024. There is simply something for everybody in this offering !
Co-create with us your very own masterclass by picking up one or more webinars in the offering list below, or simply drop by to the one most relevant to you: as a curious new student, past attendee, or somebody who has expressed previously an interest in one of our workshops, you are welcome to attend !

We have run webinars now for 8 years and they have proven very popular: why not see for yourself why 90% of attendees rated the event Excellent & Very Good ?

Our 2024 Offering


WHAT’S NEW FOR 2024: Explore the latest Society website and CRM technology trends

7th February 2024, 10th April 2024, 12th June, 2024, 11th Sep 2024

This short webinar will help you to understand what new trends and technology have recently become available and how these can help drive change in your online offering using real World case studies and examples. Please note that due to the nature of this workshop the content may change as we go through 2024, as new technology and approaches become available during the year. 

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REINVENTING YOUR SOCIETY WEBSITE & CRM: A 60 minute guide on where to start and what to consider

8th February 2024, 11th April 2024, 13th June 2024, 12th September 2024, 28th November 2024

Increasingly Associations and Societies are under pressure to respond to a more demanding, challenging environment where Members, Trustees and even the Public are demanding more from the Association / Society’s website and associated CRM application. This short webinar will help you to understand what is possible in relation to improving Member engagement, administration efficiency and revenue through exploring real World case studies and examples. 

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EFFECTIVE MEMBER ENGAGEMENT & GROWTH STRATEGIES: Explore innovative ways to engage and retain your members

28th February 2024, 1st May 2024, 3rd July 2024, 8th October 2024, 27th November 2024

The perennial challenge for Association and Society websites has always been how to encourage greater membership engagement. This highly practical webinar helps those struggling with this conundrum and identifies solutions that may help. We will explore what is possible using real World case studies and examples. We will also include simple methods to evaluate, review and action changes that can really make a difference.

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DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION - AUTOMATING YOUR SOCIETY OR ASSOCIATION: How to leverage technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency

29th February 2024,  2nd May 2024, 4th July 2024, 9th October 2024, 11th December 2024

There is a big drive currently to engage with membership at a higher level, whilst also automating many of the routine time consuming and tedious administration tasks associated with running a society or association. Self-Serve means empowering your members to manage their own membership from keeping their profile up to date, choosing payment and membership category options, voting online to managing their personal development history. 

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INNOVATIVE REVENUE GENERATION MODELS : Explore new and creative ways to generate revenue beyond just traditional membership fees

20th March 2024, 22nd May 2024, 24th July 2024, 6th Nov 2024, 12th December 2024

Those responsible for managing association’s online offering are under increased pressure to increase revenue from their websites, monetise content and identify additional new revenue streams. This workshop helps you understand what options are available and where to start in identifying new revenue opportunities. Case Studies are used to explain in practical terms how some of these strategies can be adopted. 

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SOCIETY WEBSITE AND CRM SECURITY & PRIVACY BEST PRACTICE: A guide to how to protect your online digital resources and members privacy

21th March 2024, 23rd May 2024, 25th July 2024, 7th November 2024

Your reputation is one of the most important assets you have as a professional body representing your industry or profession. Don’t therefore risk damaging it by opening up your sensitive member information to potential hackers and bad actors. This workshop helps you understand where to start in auditing then protecting your sensitive member information, as well as what tools are available that can help.

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