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LightMedia is Now Employee Owned !

26 March 2024

We have some very exciting news to share here at LightMedia. We are proud to report that we are now an Employee Owned Trust!

In practice, this means that 100% of LightMedia shares are held in a trust on behalf of all current and future LightMedia Team Members. This change in ownership is all part of a thrilling evolution, as being employee owned means we have the freedom to maintain our special values and company culture as we evolve as an independent company.

Whilst this way of working was already embedded in the way we conduct business and navigate client relationships, it is positioned to reach a new high as we evolve into an EOT.

Every person at LightMedia is now collectively responsible for our continued success and growth. Together we are creating a truly sustainable business, where our people will continue to flourish - and one which is fiercely protective of our environment, with a clear a sense of purpose and directions as we consistently create great work. This is all proof of how seriously we take LightMedia, and we could not be more excited!

Where will this take us in the next few months?

Keep an eye out for exciting changes, from enhanced service offerings to new ways of working.

Our Board of Trustees includes one employee Trust Director voted by our team, one external trustee who brings valuable wider expertise, and one of our founders. This move to be employee owned was part of Tony and Jeremy’s long-term vision. A vision that saw the Directors at LightMedia being accountable to our Trustees who make sure the company is delivering on our mission, being true to our values and meeting our targets whilst safeguarding our clients’ and employees’ best interests at all time.

We look forward to working with you as we navigate this new chapter of LightMedia’s life.

What does it mean for you, as our client?

LightMedia as a company does not change, neither will our Executive Team or Board of Directors.  In fact, this strategy only solidifies our commitment, accountability, and responsibility to you further. In fostering deeper relationships between each other, placing collaboration at the heart of what we do, we ensure even greater care, service, innovation and partnership for our clients.

We want to be a different type of company - one that puts the value of what it creates in the hands of its employees. With almost 20 years longevity and experience as a digital agency, we demonstrated our stability and durability as professionals with over 120 current clients that include more than 40 professional membership associations and societies that collectively support over 60,000 members transacting a total of over £10,000,000 in membership fees and event bookings. Our wide variety of projects took us to the medical, leisure, engineering, technology and media sectors. We have a well-developed expertise in these areas and have won six international awards for our clients’ websites and integrated CRM solutions.

Thanks to you, we have been able to build our business whilst being a great place to work and upholding the highest standards. You can continue to expect close, strategic relationships with us, and deeper trust from each and every member of the LightMedia team.