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Case Studies

hi-pix photography


Hi-Pix specialise in providing cost effective, creative commercial photography for the marketing of property and business. This service uses both Mast photography (Pole photography) and Drone photography as well as videography.

Hi-Pix have been clients of ours for 8 years now and we are delighted to have been asked to redevelop their website for a second time.  


Although the website we built for Hi-Pix in 2009 had served them well, it was not responsive and wasn't using the latest techniques and design features used by more modern websites to deliver a richer online experience to its visitors. Hi-Pix wanted a modern, up-to-date website which more accurately reflected the extent of their offering which has evolved over the years.


During the early stages of the project, we sat down with the team at Hi-Pix to identify the areas of the business that have changed over the years and which now require increased focus. This helped us both in developing the architecture for the site to ensure it is easy and intuitive to use, and also influenced how we designed the site to ensure visitors were accurately signposted to specific areas of interest.

It was agreed the new website would accomodate more space on the page so that Hi-Pix could showcase their expertise with full width, powerful imagery. We also added subtle interactions to the homepage to make for a more engaging experience for website visitors.


The new website is very straightforward and logical to use and adopts an eye-catching brand identity. When the site was due to launch, we held a training session with the team at Hi-Pix to demonstrate the capabilities of our powerful yet easy-to-use Content Management System. Since then, Hi-Pix have been adding images to the gallery, embedding YouTube videos, creating and sharing blog articles and adding testimonials with ease.


The new Hi-Pix website can be viewed at