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Case Studies

The Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (PCCS)


The Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (PCCS) is a multi-disciplinary society reflecting the ideas and opinions of primary care healthcare professionals throughout the UK involved in managing cardiovascular patient care and improving cardiovascular health. They are committed to promoting best practice in primary care cardiovascular health through education, training, and service development.

The Brief

PCCS had identified that they required a new site as they had felt limited with the one they previously used, which did not allow them full flexibility. It was therefore decided that it needed replacing. The key requirement was to better reflect the innovative, authoritative and professional standing that the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society and its members occupy in their field. In particular this new web site needed to include a brand new and secure Membership Management System / CRM application, and the development and support of PCCS’ CVD Academy as an additional asset which the society singled out as needing further refining. This dedicated private area housing the Academy and resources modules was crucial to PCCS’ membership offering and membership recruitment strategy, and we needed to ensure personalised log in with password functionality, HCP confirmation pop ups, linked video analytics and downloadable assets capabilities such as certificates, resources and other materials.

How we helped

As the website forms the only method for new members to join the society and become part of the membership group and database, rethinking the design of the site to make it attractive and modern was an integral part of the communication strategy. One of the most significant changes to structure was combining the Resources and E-Learning into a single page called ‘Academy’. It was agreed that this page would contain the resources, guidelines, as well as the webinars and modules currently available publicly on the PCCS old website. The academy functionalities were completely refurbished to allow members to create a usable account with a memory of activity and a history of what modules have been watched/completed. LightMedia also created a usable and functional CPD tool with a dashboard option that allows members full autonomy, including in the download of personalised certificates. The development strategy focused also particularly on imagining and increasing the web sites functionality, working on PCCS’ brand building and establishing the society’s visual identity (color scheme, logo, icons…). Great emphasis was put on structuring the website’s architecture and organizing the content for ease in navigation.

The Outcome

The completed output outmatched the brief and met budget: the website is straightforward, highly functional, and attractive to use, with professional imaging that reflects the skills of its members.

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Client Testimonial

“Working with Light Media to create the new website for the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (PCCS), felt like a partnership right from the start.  Not only are they highly experienced professional web designers and system creators, but they also have experience in the complexities of our industry which was invaluable. To date the PCCS can proudly boast over 4,000 members, so having a reliable website to manage this essential society is of the upmost importance to us. We continue to use Light Media in other areas of our business, such is the reliability and quality of their service.”

Ruth Downing, PCCS Project Executive