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Case Studies



TopGrass was launched in 2005 and are an independent, family-run lawn care company based in Warwickshire providing top-quality lawn care using the knowledge, materials, and equipment of the professional groundsman and applying it to domestic lawns.

The Brief

LightMedia were awarded the contract to design and develop a new website for TopGrass. The TopGrass website had some modern features such as a blog and web chat but the website itself looked dated and did not facilitate easy navigation from its main headings. TopGrass therefore required a new modernised website that reflected the professionalism and family owned ethos of the company. It needed to be able to work across all devices, be engaging and informative.  

It was important that the new site scored highly in Google searches so needed to be able to accommodate new content and different formats, they needed a site that  allowed TopGrass to concentrate on the content  they wanted to present and not be constrained by the parameters and complexity experienced with their old website.

The Solution

After discussions with TopGrass and their senior team and as part of our collaborative design process we created a number of design concepts allowing TopGrass to select a preferred design approach based on the concepts presented

LightMedia then created a new website that provided:

  • Self-service capability allowing a "get a quote" form to be completed then directed automatically to the sales department.
  • The ability to request a free online quote integrated into Google Maps which allows the client to select the specific location and area that needs care.
  • Ongoing management of the site including the management of SEO activity
  • Improved Journeys for new and returning customers

The Outcome

The completed output matches the brief and is straightforward and logical to use. The site is both functional and attractive with an eye-catching identity. A Social Media Wall displaying Facebook posts Instagram and Twitter has been created adding interest and increasing traffic to the site. Feedback from the public has been very good and work on a Google Ads campaign is now underway.


The site can be viewed at