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Case Studies

Torishima Service Solutions


Torishima Service Solutions are a company of 100 years standing in the global engineering community and an OEM of some of the world’s most advanced high energy machinery, Torishima are completely focussed on delivering the highest available levels of service, quality and customer support in the global marketplace.


LightMedia were awarded the contract to design and develop a new website for Torishima Service Solutions. Torishima Services existing website provider had caused a catastrophic failure of Torishima Services website and they had lost much of the existing content. Torishima Services therefore needed a new website quickly in order to retain its excellent service reputation. They needed a website that reflected the professionalism and engineering excellence of the company. Also, the new site needed to be able to work across all devices, be engaging and informative.  

It was important that the new site scored highly in Google searches so needed to be able to accommodate new content and different formats, they needed a site that allowed Torishima Services to concentrate on the business with the new site being easy and intuitive to use.


After discussions with Torishima Services and their senior team and as part of our collaborative design process we created a number of design concepts allowing Torishima Services to select a preferred design approach based on the concepts presented

LightMedia then created a new website that provides: -

Interesting and engaging content that reflects the culture, expertise and capability of Torishima Services conveying a professional image to its clients and emphasising its excellent service and support in a global market place.

A Case Study Module allowing Torishima to publish the work it has done and the subsequent benefits enjoyed by their own customers.

Forms that can be easily populated and sent automatically to the division/ department required.

A world location map with associated contact details.

A News Module allowing Torishima to publish latest findings for example that oil changes in some of their machinery need not be an annual event, discovered after analysis of oil quality, mitigating impact on the environment and saving their clients cost associated with oil change and down time.

An integrated user-friendly Content Management System that allows Torishima Services to add, remove, change and move pages, as well as content including text, images and video.

Improved Journeys for new and returning customers

The Outcome

The completed output matches the brief and is straightforward and logical to use. The site is both functional and attractive with a professional imaging reflecting The Torishima brand. This site was built quickly as required with no compromise on build quality. Feedback from the public has been very good and work on a Google Ads campaign is now being investigated.


The site can be viewed at