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Case Studies

The Craniofacial Society for Great Britain and Ireland (CFSGBI)


The Craniofacial Society for Great Britain and Ireland (CFSGBI) is a UK charity, which represents a multidisciplinary group for the study of cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial deformities.


The CFSGBI website was intended to be the first port of call for information about cleft lip and palate and craniofacial disorders in the UK. Users of the website were meant to include a vast panel of individuals, from cleft patients, CFSGBI members and cleft professionals, to other allied medical professionals.

Some of the major problems of the previous website, identified while working in close partnership with the client, was that it did not effectively represent the society, nor its membership, and did not effectively communicate with the society’s target audiences. Additionally, the website failed to promote the many benefits of membership while also not providing relevant information for members, professionals, and patients. Specifically, the old website did not recognize how differently patients/public and clinicians/professionals are in the way they view and absorb information.

The Solution

The new website’s development strategy focused particularly on the correct assessment of user personas. The noted dissatisfaction with the old design, specifically when it pertained to the navigation and structure of the website, factored heavily into Light Media’s ambition to make the new website modern, easy to use and, very importantly, scalable. The member’s area was rethought to attract a new pool of professionals while staying admin friendly.

The content was restructured to meet the very different needs of both professional and non-professional/patient audiences. We also tailored the website to demonstrates a clear benefit to the membership.

The Outcome

Our overall feedback on the project has been fantastic and we would like to thank CFSGBI for their valued support throughout the project and for trusting us with the build of their new website which we believe reflects their expectations and professional standing.


Please visit the society's new website here: